Since 1964, we've been providing a spectrum of specialized industrial and commercial pre-engineered building systems and aircraft shelters to the U.S. Government, throughout the Continental U.S. and overseas

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Retrofit Roofing Systems

EDL Construction Inc. offers retrofit roofing systems available to meet any design and construction requirement. Retrofit roofing systems offer specific capabilities to provide durability, energy efficiency, affordability, flexibility and reliability to match each customer’s needs.

EDL offers framing systems that include structural members of various gauges and shapes designed specifically to create a slope roof plane and ready to accept a new metal roofing system to meet your project needs. Under our GSA Contract, materials are reasonably priced to assure achieving U.S. Government and Military project budgets.

Retro Post System

*Accommodates the existing roof’s secondary structural supports for proper load distribution.

Retro Zee System

*Utilizes re-roof framing method on jobs where maximum rise of the new roof plane is 12”


EDL Standing Seam System

*Proven Long Term Performance

EDL 18

*Architectural Appearance with structural integrity