Since 1964, we've been providing a spectrum of specialized industrial and commercial pre-engineered building systems and aircraft shelters to the U.S. Government, throughout the Continental U.S. and overseas

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Helicopter Shelters & Canopies

Helicopter Shelters & Fabric Shelters

Helicopter Shelters & Fabric Shelters

EDL Construction, Inc. has proudly been providing the highest quality Helicopter Shelters to the U.S. Military for nearly 45 years. We believe these structures surpass any similar structure in the industry. EDL Helicopter Shelters provide protection against environmental elements. Our shelters are designed and engineered to take high snow and wind loads.

What’s the payoff?

Helicopter Shelters can extend the life of aircraft’s components including wiring, cockpit instruments, paint and transparencies potentially saving thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. EDL Helicopter Shelters can also reduce health hazards from exposure to sun such as skin cancer and cataracts. Our shelters are easy to set up and remove in the event that your military aircraft units need to be relocated.  EDL’s conservative design requires no special tools to assemble or disassemble these structures.

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