Since 1964, we've been providing a spectrum of specialized industrial and commercial pre-engineered building systems and aircraft shelters to the U.S. Government, throughout the Continental U.S. and overseas

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GSA- Federal Supply Schedule

EDL Construction, Inc. offers itís product line through existing GSA- Federal Supply Schedule Contracts GS-07F-0006K & GS-07F-0383N. Through GSA Advantage and EDL, the procurement process is made easy for all Government and Military Customers to acquire any EDL building system with all the necessary ancillary, engineering and site preparation services.

With EDL and GSA Advantage, your agency can save from 10% to 30% over RFP, IFB, TOC, JOC, SABER and MACC type contracts.

EDL can provide building layout designs and cost estimates at no cost to you. We offer superior product pricing to help you REDUCE COST on any of your upcoming projects. EDL would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the GSA Program.

Contact us today for more information about GSA pre-engineered steel buildings and military shelters.

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