Since 1964, we've been providing a spectrum of specialized industrial and commercial pre-engineered building systems and aircraft shelters to the U.S. Government, throughout the Continental U.S. and overseas

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About EDL Construction Inc.

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EDL Construction Inc. was founded in 1964 in the beautiful Southern California city of San Marcos.  Originally, EDL started as a mezzanine and stainless steel systems installer. Since 1964, EDL has evolved into a worldwide, reputable, Authorized Federal Service Contractor by providing a spectrum of specialized, industrial and commercial pre-engineered steel building systems and aircraft shelters to the U.S. Government.

Mission Statement

At EDL, our tradition is focusing on problem solving, professional engineering, and distinctive design/build. EDL Construction, Inc is committed to providing every client the utmost professional customer service and delivering efficient, reliable and quality building solutions at the most beneficial cost to the U.S. Tax Payer.

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Administrative Offices:

EDL Construction Inc. 871 Coronado Center Drive, Suite 200. Henderson, NV 89052. PH-702-940-2332.

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